$110,000 COP MUTANT DECA 300


  • 300mg/10ml
  • Injectable oily solution
  • deep intramuscular route
  • Use:
    • For men (300 mg to 600 mg per week)
    • For women (50 mg to 100 mg per week)
  • Cycle: Volume
  • Life time in blood: (long)


Nandrolone (Decadurabolin) is the most popular and most commonly used injectable anabolic steroid in the world.

Nandrolone (Decadurabolin) has a positive nitrogen balance, synonymous with muscle growth because the muscle cell, in this phase, assimilates a larger amount of protein than usual.

The high anabolic effect of is linked to a component with a moderate androgenic effect, therefore a good gain in muscle mass and strength is obtained.

At the same time, most athletes note considerable water retention, which is certainly not dissimilar to injectable testosterones, but at high doses can also cause a soft, watery appearance.


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