$110,000 COP RAZOR 200


  • 200mg/10ml
  • Injectable oily solution
  • deep intramuscular route
  • Use:
    • For men (400mg to 600mg per week)
  • Cycle: extreme definition
  • Life time in blood: (short)


This cocktail contains the most powerful testosterones for cutting and scratching, the so-called (pre-competition) propionates and acetates are characterized by being diuretics and accelerating lipolysis.

Testosterone propionate, within the testosterone scale, can be placed in the middle point, offering an acceptable increase in muscle mass and energy, without a great retention of liquids.

Masteron propionate, presenting practically no aromatization, will produce an increase in lean muscle mass, without fluid retention, that is, clean and hard muscle, an effect that is more successful in those people who start with a low level of body fat.

Trenbolone acetate is more powerful than testosterone for building mass and strength, with the advantage that it does not aromatize (does not convert to estrogen) and does not retain oedematous fluid. The result is a rock hard physique, cyclopean strength and recoveries between legendary sessions


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