$90,000 COP PROVIX


  • 25mg / 50 tablets
  • Oral
  • Use:
    • For men (25mg to 50mg per day)
    • For women (NOT APPLICABLE)
  • Cycle: Cut and scratch
  • Life time in blood: (16 hours to 20 hours)


The original clinical use for which this medicine was created is for the treatment of sexual dysfunctions associated with an abnormally low level of natural testosterone that must be produced by men, therefore, through treatment with Proviron should increase libido and solve possible cases of sexual impotence, as well as increasing the amount of sperm.
Despite solving these problems, this drug does not stimulate the patient's body to produce natural testosterone, it is only used in those definition cycles where testosterone is excluded
Proviron can really be considered as the "good" one in an anabolic cycle since, if it is used, it is mainly to counteract certain side effects of the anabolics used.
Its own side effects are not of great consideration if a dose of 2 pills a day is not exceeded, it is not harmful to the liver if said amount is respected, in case of exceeding this dose a state of sexual over-stimulation and you can get to suffer a continuous erection, this can be dangerous since you can suffer some injury to the penis, in addition to the setbacks and uncomfortable situations that this effect can cause in the habitual chores of the affected person, such as going to work or run an errand, in case this happened the daily dose would have to be reduced.


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