• 10mg / 100 tablets
  • Oral
  • Use:
    • For men (15 mg to 30 mg per day)
    • For women (10 mg to 15 mg per day)
  • Cycle: lean mass and streaky
  • Life time in blood: (9 hours to 12 hours)


Oxandrolone (Anavar) is in a class of medications called anabolic steroids. They work by increasing the amount of protein produced by the body. This protein is used to build more muscle and increase body weight. The good thing about this medicine is that it is minimally androgenic, which allows it to be used in women and children who need to develop lean muscle mass.

Oxandrolone (Anavar) is a popular anabolic steroid that is often thought of as mild but is actually quite powerful. Its categorization as mild with which many people have a tendency to classify it is due to the fact that its tolerance threshold is extremely high. Men and women can normally tolerate this steroid, without risk of side effects. It is actually the most widely used anabolic steroid by female athletes on the market. It can also be extremely beneficial to the male bodybuilder when used for good reasons. Oxandroplex 10 is a mild anabolic with low androgenic activity. Its reduced androgenic activity has a lot to do with the fact that it is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. This drug, being a starter, should be used with an anabolic and an androgenic. For women, it can be used on a unicycle.


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